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Winter is tightening its grip, with last week’s storm leaving even more snow covering Vermont. At this time of year, many Vermonters are counting the days until spring. For some, it’s about wishing for warmer days and sunshine. For others, monthly expenses become a real concern. Heating bills, food costs, and medical ailments can all spike during the winter months.
If you find yourself in need of help with food, heating, healthcare, or basic monthly expenses, it may be helpful to know that Vermont has a network of Community Action Agencies that can help. These agencies assist lower-income Vermonters to meet their basic needs and become self-sufficient.

Contact your local Community Action Agency if you need help with any of the following:

  • Emergency food help
  • Fuel and utility assistance
  • Head Start
  • Housing assistance
  • Income tax assistance
  • Job information, referral or training

Biggam Fox Skinner Cares About the Communities We Serve

We do whatever we can to assist our clients and their families and friends. We have put together a Community Resources Sheet that lists agencies and programs available to Vermonters in need. It’s available at our web site for you to read or print at home. You can also ask us to mail you a copy. (Keep it nearby and refer to it for assistance.) We are happy to be a source of information to our community while also helping clients with their Vermont legal needs in the areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation.

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