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Vermont Legislators Visit Barre’s Pilot Drug Treatment Court

Three Vermont legislators from Washington County visited Barre’s pilot Drug Treatment Court this February as part of an event organized by Judge Mary Miles Teachout and Teri Corsones of the Vermont Bar Association to familiarize lawmakers with the judicial system in Vermont.

Representatives Mary Hooper, Ann Donahue, and Kimberly Jessup joined Washington County Bar Association President Heidi Groff, attorney Dan Richardson, and other attorney ambassadors and presiding judges at the courthouse in Barre. The legislators were able to observe court hearings, talk with court administrators, and meet all of the local Washington County trial judges, three Supreme Court justices, and many bar association members at the luncheon following the court hearings.

“Our group wanted lawmakers to see the impact their legislative decisions can have on the judiciary and how hard our judges, attorneys, and court staff work under often challenging circumstances. Lawmakers came away with real-life observations and useful contacts for when they’re evaluating legislation that affects Vermont courts,” said Heidi. In addition to being a partner at Biggam Fox Skinner, Heidi also serves as the president of the Washington County Bar Association and has been volunteering as an acting small claims judge in the Washington County Court for the past decade.