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Injured Workers Now Reimbursed for Every Mile Traveled to Medical Appointments

Are you traveling to medical appointments to treat your work injury? If you have an accepted Vermont workers’ compensation claim, you can now get paid back for every mile you travel to and from medical appointments. In Vermont, insurance companies are required to pay all of  a workers’ compensation claimant’s medical expenses, including mileage reimbursement for travel to medical appointments. Previously, claimants could only get paid back for additional miles traveled over their round-trip travel to work. They had to subtract the number of miles they traveled to work and back from the number of miles they traveled to a medical appointment—even if they weren’t working anymore or if they weren’t going to the appointment from work. Now, claimants can get paid back for the full distance traveled to medical appointments. They no longer have to subtract their work commute miles. This makes it much simpler to calculate miles and, more importantly, it increases the number of miles that claimants can get compensated for. “As we observe the 100th anniversary of the workers’ compensation system in Vermont, it is more important than ever to uphold this vital safety net that helps injured workers rebuild their lives,” says attorney Ron Fox. “That’s why we at BFS support the new rule and are eager to see it implemented.”