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Injured Client Wins Treatment for Prescription Medication Dependency

This workers’ compensation case study clearly shows that the insurance company has to pay for every natural consequence of your work injury.

The Situation

A former client of ours was in a difficult situation. In 2008, we helped her win a workers’ compensation claim for a back injury. Among other things, she was entitled to payment for any ongoing medical treatment related to her injury. By 2013 she had become dependent on the pain medication her doctors prescribed for her injury. She knew that she needed to wean herself off the narcotics as well as find a new way to manage her ongoing pain. Two barriers stood in her way—a reluctance to make her dependency public and how to pay for her new treatment plan.

The Solution

Her attorney at BFS advised her to reopen the workers’ compensation claim on the grounds that her dependency on pain medications was related to her back injury. The cost of treating it should be paid by the workers’ compensation insurer. Her unwillingness to submit her private difficulties to scrutiny was overcome and we began working on her case. The BFS team organized medical and billing records to show responsibility for past expenses. We also consulted with an addiction specialist in Vermont who agreed there was a link between our client’s narcotic dependency and her work injury. We attended two mediation meetings with the workers’ compensation insurance company and developed a plan to address the cost of her future care.

The Result

The insurance company agreed to pay for a treatment plan that includes physical therapy, pool therapy, and consultations with a narcotic specialist who will help our client decrease her dependency down to zero. We went the extra mile in this case to help ensure a more secure future for our client