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A Holiday Donation to the Vermont Foodbank

Donation to Vermont Foodbank

What’s a good way to celebrate the holiday season and support a worthy cause at the same time? Biggam Fox Skinner opted to give a $1,200 donation to the Vermont Foodbank.

“Clients of ours sometimes have to use the Foodbank’s services while waiting for their workers’ compensation or Social Security disability benefits to be paid,” said partner Kelly Massicotte. “Our donation helps to support their efforts to get their lives back together after an injury or disability.”

Biggam Fox Skinner specializes in helping injured and disabled clients obtain workers’ compensation and Social Security disability benefits. It has offices in Burlington and Montpelier, and has been a stable and successful business since 1979.

Photo (left to right): Attorney Ron Fox, Foodbank CEO John Sayles, Attorney Kelly Massicotte, BFS marketing manager Lesley Allen.