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My Workers’ Compensation Claim was Accepted. Do I Still Need a Lawyer?

The simple answer is that it depends on your situation. If you don’t know exactly what you are entitled to receive, you may want to contact a lawyer to help you.

Many insurance company agents don’t tell injured people about all the benefits they may be entitled to receive under workers’ compensation. For example, did you know you can select your own physician or vocational rehabilitation specialist, instead of being forced to treat with a provider selected by the insurance adjuster? It makes sense to contact a lawyer for a consultation, even if your claim is accepted, to be sure you are getting these benefits and your claim is being handled properly. We can make sure our clients’ injuries are rated by the most qualified physicians, and not just by the doctors hired by the insurance agent. And a higher rating results in a larger award.

Whether you should hire a lawyer to represent you, even when your claim is accepted, may simply depend on how well you trust the insurance company to be completely honest with you, and not try to protect its own interest.