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How to Build a Medical Record to Prove Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

In many cases we’ve seen, a person with multiple work-related injuries will focus first on getting treatment for the body part that hurts the most. They either don’t mention the less severe injuries or don’t pursue treatment until the most prominent injury is taken care of, which can sometimes take years. Unfortunately, this means they often don’t acquire all the medical records they will need for their workers’ compensation case.

In Vermont, the burden of proof for workers’ compensation is on the claimant (the injured person). In order for the Vermont Department of Labor to order the insurance carrier to pay for your medical treatment or other benefits, you have to show through medical evidence that your injuries were caused by your work accident.

It is therefore very important if you have an accident at work that you are clear from the beginning about all of the injuries you sustained—no matter how minute they may seem—and that you continue to discuss all your injuries with your medical providers. This will ensure that when the time comes you will have the medical records you need to prove your case.